What we do


Do you know acupuncture is not really painful? We use a very thin (thickness of hair) disposable needle, so you don't feel it very much. But the effect is very powerful. It relieves pain within minutes. It releases good biochemicals that reduce inflammation and promote healing. Especially if you repeat treatments, the problem is likely to become more manageable and can even be eliminated. See conditions we treat.

Laser Therapy

Are you afraid of needles? No problem. We can use gentle laser on most acupoints to bring on the same effects. Not only laser can stimulate acupoints, but also it will relax tense muscles. Laser has a healing power to heal wounds. A wound can heal twice as fast. We can achieve a significant pain relief in each session; however, most conditions require repeat treatments to get to a complete resolution.


Auriculotherapy was developed by a French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier In 1960's. Auricular Acupuncture is different from meridian-based Chinese acupuncture. The external part of the ear is an reflex organ that has points that correspond to every part of your body, including the brain. By stimulating points on the ear, we can treat a variety of conditions, including a complex chronic problems, including pain, stress, psychological conditions, and hormonal & metabolic imbalances.


National Acupuncture Detoxication Association (NADA) has developed a very effective protocol for addiction recovery treatment. We don't use any medications. It compliments conventional drug rehabilitation programs and chemical dependency anonymous group programs. Group sessions and confidential individual sessions are available. Each session consists of ear acupuncture (needle or laser) followed by ear seeds application. Frequency of treatment depends on the individual client.

Laser-Assisted Myofascial Pain Relief

This very uniquse method has been developed by Dr. Fujii herself. Majority of joint pain stems from muscle dysfunction and supportive tissue abnormalities. Muscles can contain tightly contracted short fibers (so called muscle knots or trigger points) or taut bands. These are in vicious cycle of contraction, ischemia (lack of blood supply), and lack of waste product drainage, leading to persistent muscle contraction. Laser-Assisted myofascial release can relieve these muslce spasms, so the normal muscle structure and function can be restored. Repeat treatments are recommended to reduce chances of recurrence.

----------- New!!! -----------

We just added a brand new acupressure vibration therapy device. The effect is amazing! Vibration is applied over the affected acupoints, and the tight muscles will losen, blood circulation is restored, and pain resolves quickly. The device has a frequency that resonates muscle. This vibration frequency also release scar tissues. 

AcuGraph Testing & Meridian Energetic Balancing

 AcuGraph measures your meridian energy in each of 12 channels. After the measurement, we can balance the channel energy to more ideal state. This is accomplished by placing needles in the key acupoints, connecting ion pumping cords to the needles, and let the energy flow from high points to low points. This effectively balance your meridian system. The result is a balanced system that will allow you to have better healing effect on whatever your body is needing to heal. After this fundamental "root" treatment, you will feel "calm energy," and your body will accept the next phase of treatment, "the branch treatment," be it an acupressure vibration treatment, Laser-assisted Myofascial Pain Relief, or additional acupuncture to address specific problems. AcuGraph will serve as an important tool for wellness maintenance. We can measure body's imbalance, so we can correct it before an illness becomes more progressive. This is a true breakthrough in health maintenance. By balancing meridian energy, your body will heal much quicker.